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Leanne Stojmenov


Former Principal Artist

Australian Ballet Company

During my time rising through the ranks as a dancer with the Australian Ballet Company, I cross-trained with Gaetano Del Monaco. I knew of Gaetano through other dancers that also attended his studio and had decided to try for myself as I’d heard how good he was.

Gaetano is an excellent trainer. The results that I achieved with him were immediately noticeable for me. I felt stronger and more connected. Spending time in his studio also helped me to separate from the ballet studio and get perspective. He would squeeze as much work from my time with him as was physically possible.  Very simply, Gaetano helped me to be a better dancer and I am so very grateful for the caring and intensity that he gave every session in order for me to accomplish this.

I have watched him go over and above for his clients and if you are willing and honestly ready to get results, then he will go over and above for you too.


I highly recommend Gaetano to anyone who is honest about getting results.

Lana Jones / Gaudiello

Photo Credit: Daniel Boud


Former Principal Artist
Australian Ballet Company

Working with Gaetano for many years as a professional ballerina was the linking factor to my strength and long career as a dancer.


The Pilates ritual was filled with guidance, expertise, knowledge and pushing the boundariesI needed Gaetano and his Pilates to be able to achieve the physical demands of Ballet.


He is a master of Balletailiates!!!!

(Ballet | Tai Chi | Pilates)

Robyn Hendricks from Australian Ballet doing Pilates in Pilates at Bondi Junction studio


Principal Artist

Australian Ballet Company

I’ve been very fortunate to do Pilates with Gaetano for over 10 years now and I still find it just as challenging and fun as I did in the very beginning.

As a professional athlete, the benefits of Pilates are endless. It’s been just as beneficial for my mental health, as well as my physical health. I’ve seen the benefits of his Pilates in my overall strength, endurance and performance and it’s what has kept my body and career going for longer than I could have imagined.


The environment Gaetano creates is both incredibly focus and relaxed.  There is always time for a laugh in between a set of hundreds and open leg rocker!  Gaetano is incredibly generous with all his clients and so very patient.  


His studio and online classes are the number one recommendation to anyone who wants to get in shape and have a great time while working out

Sharni Spencer


Senior Artist

Australian Ballet Company

As a professional ballet dancer with the Australian Ballet, the right strength and conditioning is imperative to keep me performing at my best.


I have been practising Pilates with Gaetano for 10 years to keep my body in the best condition and injury free. Pilates has really helped me to reach not only my personal goals, but my professional goals in ballet.


I can’t recommend Gaetano’s Pilates classes enough, both online and in the studio.

Mark Cassidy


Former Senior Artist

Australian Ballet Company

Gaetano Del Monaco is one of those rare individuals who truly wants you to reach your full potential.

During my career as a leading classical ballet dancer with The Australian Ballet Company, I unfortunately had injuries that required lengthy rehabilitation. Gaetano went the extra mile to ensure that every session was tailored specifically for me. He not only helped me to get back on stage but I was fitter and stronger than before I was injured. I couldn’t have done it without him!

He is a caring, highly educated and highly intelligent individual and from what I have experienced of him, he sees more potential in you than you do yourself. Gaetano wants to see his clients realize their full potential, he’ll go on that journey with you and if you allow, he will be relentless in pursuit of your greatness!!  

I highly recommend Gaetano Del Monaco to anyone who is serious about transcending their real or perceived physical limitations. 

Vito Bernasconi



Queensland Ballet Company

I first met Gaetano when I was 14 after stress fracturing my lumbar spine in several vertebrae. I had never done Pilates before and I knew then that if I wanted to have a career in dance, I had to fix my body and mind and prepare for what was to come. Since that first meeting, I have been using Pilates, specifically Gaetano’s ideas, concepts and structure of exercises, as part of my daily practice to improve myself as a dancer as well as having an ongoing healthy and happy life.


I would not have recovered as strong as I had without his teachings as a Pilates instructor and former dancer himself. He has provided me the capacity to understand my body in finer detail so I can manage or prevent injury and continue living with confidence

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