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Gaetano will keep you on track, wherever you are.
Purchase our On-Demand Plan to access his Rejuvenate and Invigorate live class recordings.  

Rejuvenate Series

Refine, Restore & Reset Your Body & Mind.


This 60 minute class is set at a deliberately slower pace to allow you to focus and fine-tune your technique, movement and flow.   Repertoire exercises to work the whole body and take a holistic approach to strengthen and condition your body, foster flexibility, improve alignment, and ease of movement.  

Suitable for:  Beginners/Intermediate Level

Not Suitable for: Injuries, medical conditions, pregnant or post natal.

Rejuvenate #1
Rejuvenate #2
Rejuvenate #3

Invigorate Series

Awaken and Charge the Body and Mind.

An energetic class that wakes up and works the whole body.   A repertoire of progressive exercises to keep you strong, challenged and working on your current individual body limits.  This 45-minute class will put a spring in your step.  It will leave you feeling full of vitality, alert and focused for the day ahead. 

Suitable for:  Intermediate/Advanced Level 

Not Suitable for: Pilates first-timers or beginners, injuries, pregnant or postnatal or those with medical issues.

Invigorate #1
Invigorate #2
Invigorate #3
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