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Rose and Thorn Pilates' Gaetano Del Monaco doing the Pilates Hundred exercise for abs and core strength.



Pilates changed Gaetano's life. 

As an aspiring young ballet dancer, it was a knee injury 30 years ago, that would introduce Gaetano to Pilates after doctors said he would never dance again. Pilates had a transformative effect on his body that not only enabled him to rehabilitate his knee from injury but allowed him to become a stronger dancer than before his injury. Gaetano, against the odds, became a professional ballet dancer.  Pilates had such a profound impact on Gaetano's mind and body that he decided to help others and teach Pilates.



Australian Ballet Company

Through ongoing Pilates conditioning, Gaetano sustained a professional dance career with the Australian Ballet Company until retiring in 2001.  


University Qualified Pilates Practitioner

On retirement from professional ballet dancing, Gaetano studied Pilates and qualified as a Pilates Practitioner in 2002. Gaetano opened his own Pilates studio, Pilates, at Bondi Junction in 2003, where it still operates.

Tai Chi & Qi Gong Instructor

With his strong interest in mind-body movement, Gaetano was introduced to Master William Ho of the Australia Taoist Kungfu Association in 2002, who then taught Gaetano Tai Chi, Ba Gau and Qi Gong for the following15 years.  Gaetano has been teaching Tai Chi breathing techniques and exercises since 2007.

20 years

teaching Pilates

For the past 20 years, Gaetano has been teaching Pilates to hundreds of men and women across different ages, professions as well as people with a variety of body issues and goals.

Gaetano knows what it takes to get results, to get your body in order so you can do the things you love to do

Pilates changed Gaetano's life, Rose and Thorn Pilates can help you change yours.

Rose and Thorn Pilates Gaetano Del Monaco teaching Pilates The Arrow exercise in the studio with Reformers in the background.
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