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Gaetano Del Monaco doing a Pilates side plank for core strength
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Learn The Method with Gaetano Del Monaco, renowned Pilates expert.

It's the mind's intent that changes your body and when the body is in order, your emotions are uplifted.

Gaetano Del Monaco


Inventive. Intuitive. Inspiring

Founder and principal instructor, Rose & Thorn Pilates, Gaetano brings a passion and unique expertise in Pilates, ballet and Tai Chi and is fully qualified and technically highly proficient across each of these body movement disciplines.


Gaetano was introduced to Pilates 30 years ago, as a young ballet dancer, to rehabilitate a knee injury that required surgery, and then, as an exercise regime to strengthen and condition his body as a professional dancer with the Australian Ballet Company.


The transformative effect that Pilates had on his body had such a profound impact on Gaetano that he decided to study Pilates so he could help himself and others.

Rose and Thorn Pilates' Gaetano Del Monaco whilst in the Australian Ballet Company

For the past 20 years, Gaetano has been teaching Pilates and helping his clients fix and renew their bodies.  Since opening his own Pilates studio in Sydney's eastern suburbs in 2003, it has been a rewarding experience to play a pivotal role in helping enrich his clients' lives and lifestyles through their body transformations.

With the right instruction and guidance, you can create change. Rose & Thorn Pilates has The Method.


  • Proven Programming: built on The Method by Gaetano Del Monaco.

  • Evolving Repertoire:  a unique combination of Pilates, Ballet 'centre' and Tai Chi exercises.

  • Beginners to Advanced: caters for all levels of fitness, body awareness, coordination and ability.

  • Train at home, or on the go

  • No equipment is needed.

  • Expert instruction: step by step guidance & cues for smooth transitions.

THE RESULT:  A STRONG and BALANCED BODY - lets you do the activities you love to do.




Connie Mitchell & Angus McDonald

CONNIE: I started Pilates with Gaetano because as an entertainer, and after having 2 children, I wanted my body back, and basically needed a rig like a 20 year old version of me.  Within 3 months I noticed a dramatic change, I was leaner, tighter, stronger and more svelte. Gaetano is a real life sculptor and I am beyond happy to have my body moulded by such a master. 

ANGUS: After practicing Pilates on and off for over 10 years it came as a rude shock when I started seeing Gaetano, I had been doing it all wrong! I was getting older and a life of physical activity (and periods of inactivity) was catching up with me, niggles were turning into injuries and the surgeons were knocking (shoulder and knees). Gaetano’s meticulous approach was tailored to my specific needs and he helped me gain strength, flexibility, confidence and a deep understanding of my body (and mind), and surgery has been avoided. His passion is contagious, his thirst for knowledge boundless, and he’s pretty damn funny as well. He’s the real deal and life is better with him at the controls

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